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Mayfield and Five Ashes

The Parish of Mayfield and Five Ashes is set in the heart of beautiful East Sussex. It is 48 miles from London, 9 miles from Tunbridge Wells and 25 miles from Brighton.

South-east England

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The Parish is comprised of two distinct villages being Mayfield and Five Ashes. Five Ashes is 2 miles south-east of Mayfield.


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Map of Mayfield village

Mayfield map

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Map of Five Ashes village

Five Ashes village map

Street Guide


ALEXANDRA ROAD – off Coggins Mill Road, no through road,  leads to Dunstans Croft.
ASHLEY GARDENS – cul-de-sac halfway down west side of West Street.
The AVENUE – from Fletching Street, opp. Carpenters Cottages, into South Street.
BREWERS GROVE – on south side of South Street.
COGGINS MILL ROAD – from east end of Fletching Street to Rushers Cross and Tidebrook
DUNSTANS CROFT – from Coggins Mill Road, into Alexandra Road. No through road.
EAST STREET – from east end of Fletching Street, and goes into Scotsford Hill (road).
FIR TOLL CLOSE – off the western end of Station Road.
FIR TOLL ROAD – from the roundabout on A267 westwards. Joins Horleigh Green Road.
FLETCHING STREET– east end of High Street to junction with East St. & Coggins Mill Rd.
The GROVE – off the High Street between Rotherfield Lane and North St.   No through road.
HIGH STREET – main road through Mayfield.
HOLDERS LANE – High Street to South Street & car park. Beside minimarket. 1-way street.
KNOWLE HILL – from south end of West Street to join Newick Lane.
KNOWLE PARK ROAD – at south end of West Street into Newick Lane. No through road.
LAKE STREET – from Coggins Mill Road to join the A267 road to Tunbridge Wells .
LITTLE TRODGERS LANE – off  T.Wells Road (east end of High St.) to join Lake Street.
LOVE LANE – from east end of Station Road to south end of Rotherfield Lane.
LOXFIELD CLOSE – off southern end of West Street. No through road.
NEWICK LANE – from Knowle Hill to A265 Burwash Road.
NORTH STREET – tiny alley off the north side of the High Street. No vehicular access.
OLD LANE – halfway along Station Road. (beside R. C. Church). Unsuitable for vehicles.
PENNYBRIDGE LANE – off Coggins Mill Lane. Narrow road. Joins Lake Street.
PICCADILLY LANE – from East Street/Scotsford Hill to Newick Lane. Narrow road.
RICHMEAD GARDENS – cul-de-sac off south side of South Street.
ROTHERFIELD LANE – off east end of Station Road to join A267 to T. Wells at Argos Hill
ROYAL OAK MEWS – off north side of High Street. Look for pub sign bracket on the wall.
SCOTSFORD HILL – from south end of East Street, and into Street End Lane.
STATION ROAD – from east end of High Street to roundabout on A267.
St. MARY’S in the FIELDS – off South Street, and cul-de-sac off Shirley Road.
SOUTHMEAD CLOSE – off north side of East Street. No through road.
SOUTH STREET – from junction with West Street to go east and join The Avenue.
STAR LANE – off High Street by Rosina’s shop into The Avenue. Pedestrian access only.
STAR MEWS – off High Street beside St Dunstan’s Pharmacy. Cul-de-sac.
STREET END LANE – continues from Scotsford Hill south to A265 Burwash Road.
SUNNYBANK CLOSE – off east end of High Street beside car showrooms. Pedestrians only
SWIFE LANE – from Witherenden Road to A265 Burwash Road.
TUNBRIDGE WELLS ROAD – from east end of High Street by school north to A267.
VALE ROAD – from the centre of South Street to Cordbatt Hill.
VICTORIA ROAD – from Station Road to Love Lane.
The WARREN – off south side of East Street.
WEST STREET – from western end of High Street, south to Knowle Hill.
WITHERENDEN ROAD – from Scotsford Hill road eastwards.
BERKLEY ROAD – off east side of A267, south of Mayfield roundabout. No through road.
ROSELANDS AVENUE – off east side of A267, south of Mayfield rbt.. No through road.
ROTHERMEAD – off east side of A267, south of Mayfield roundabout. No through road.


LEEDS LANE – from A267 in centre of village to Meres Lane.
MERES LANE – from A267 north at Hospice Shop to re-join A267 further south.
BUTCHERS CROSS HORLEIGH GREEN ROAD – from A267 at Butchers Cross north to Rotherhurst.
SKIPPERS HILL CRIERS LANE – from A267 west to join Brick Kiln Lane.
FROG HOLE LANE – A267 south to join Meres Lane.
QUEENSMOUNT – off Criers Lane. No through road.
MOUNTREED – off Queensmount. Cul-de-sac.
STONEHURST LANE – from A267 to crossroads at Hadlow Down.
WESTREED CLOSE – from A267 to Leeds Lane – a short road by the green village triangle.


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